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Process Steps


We're offering painting services, so it online store will work a little different that others. Here you can see how whole process works. You may also check our Terms of Service.

1. Find your miniatures Search or shop for miniatures that you want to have painted. I you can't find miniatures that you're interested in, please let us know.

2. Create your order Create your order by adding miniatures to your cart.

3. Add important information Add note to your order and let us know about: colour scheme, deadline or any other details that we should know. If you forgot to about this step let us know.

4. Place an order Click "Checkout" button and follow steps to complete an order. Process doesn't includes providing payment information.

We'll send you all payment requests via email.

 5. We'll review your order We'll review you order and send you PayPal request for upfront payment via email

If we don't receive payment after 24 hours of sending you request we'll cancel an order.

Upfront payment: 50% of order value if it includes miniatures 30% of order value if it excludes miniatures I'll request remaining amount after the work is done.

6. Acquiring miniatures If you choose to send us miniatures, you should send them at:

Name: Mateusz Bermes Street: Morelowa 9/1 ZIP Code: 65-434 City: Zielona Gora Country: Poland

If you included miniatures in your order, we'll buy them for you.

7. Work in progress When we receive models, we'll let you know when you should expect first WiP photos. We'll try to capture as much as possible from final effect in this few photos. We'll require your opinion about them to make sure we're heading right direction. You'll be receiving WiP during whole process

8. Finalizing order When the work is done you’ll receive photo shoot of you order. We’ll apply changes (if needed) and ask you about your acceptance. When you accept them we'll send you request for remaining amount of order value.

9. Shipping We'll pack and ship you miniatures. After usually 7-14 days you’ll enjoy your new army!



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