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Painting levels


You can choose between four painting levels and of course mix them if you want. This section distinguishes available features for each painting level.

Example pricing

Basic Standard Display Special Requests
Troops (f.e. Tactical Space Marine, Stormguard) 20$ 25$ 37$ Custom
Elites (f.e. Terminators, Trollblood Warders) 29$ 37$ 45$ Custom
Mounted (f.e. Eldar Jetbikes, Menoth Venders) 35$ 44$ 55$ Custom
Small Monsters or Vehicles (f.e. Dreadnought, Ironclad) 69$ 99$ 149$ Custom
Hero (f.e. Space Marine Captain, Warmachine Warcaster) 49$ 69$ 139$ Custom
Large Monsters or Vehicles (f.e. Land Rider, Sylvaneth Treelord) 149$ 199$ 249$ Custom
Huge Models (f.e. Bloodthirster, Mountain King) 199$ 299$ 399$ Custom

This is only an example of pricing for miniatures. Exact prices are available in our shopif you would like get a pricing for the game that isn't available in our shop, just send us your models list.

Special request project are priced individually, so you will need to email us, all details about your request.

Painting levels comparison:

Basic Standard Display Special Requests
Assembling & Cleaning Yes Yes Yes Yes
Basic basing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Varnishing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Basic front arcs Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scenic bases No Yes Yes Yes
Weathering No Yes Yes Yes
OSL** No Yes Yes Yes
Minor conversions* No No Yes Yes
Simple freehands No No Yes Yes
Advanced front arcs*** No No Yes Yes
Major conversions No No No Yes
Complicated freehands No No No Yes

* - anything that doesn't include sculpting

** - Object-Source Lighting a.k.a glowing parts and objects

*** - anything that is more advanced than single line for example a gradient. If you mix painting levels we'll paint advanced front arcs on ALL models.

Basic Level

It's painting level designed to give your minis as much value as possible in limited time or budget.

It's perfect solution for big units of line infantry. However, if you decide to paint whole army this way it will still impressive on the gaming table.

Your miniatures will get rich colors and the most important details painted, as we'll as proper assembling and basing.

Standard Level

It's our default painting level. We paint most of our miniatures this way. In our experience it gives you great balance between cost an quality.

Elite units or large models will look awesome on this level. It's the strongest choice for most miniatures.

We'll take care of all details as well as special effects like weathering or glowing parts.

Display Level

If you want to have something really fancy in you army it's the way to go. We'll take great care to crate centerpieces for your force.

You favorites models, commanders or huge models are the best for this type of work. Display painting will draw attention on the most important models in you army and make them one of a kind.

We'll use simple freehands and scenic bases to make most of your display models.

If you have any questions please let us know.



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